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Engage Fans, Share Exclusive Content, and Amplify Your Reach

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How it works

Exclusive Pre-Listen & Pre-Watch

Give your fans an exclusive pre-listen experience of your highly anticipated song. Simply ask them to share their phone number to unlock it.

Direct Reach, Maximum Impact

Forget the vanity of a million TikTok followers. Texting boasts a 98% open rate, ensuring your messages never go unnoticed. Imagine reaching 20k genuine fans directly, free from algorithmic obstacles. No need to dance for attention—just a simple text will do!



25 fans

1 group

4 blasts per month

0 cents per text message
(for first 100 texts)

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250 fans

4 groups

Unlimited Blasts

1 cent per text message



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2500+ fans

Unlimited groups

Unlimited Blasts

1 cent per text message



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What is a blast?

A blast is a mass text sent to a group of fans.

Why does it cost 1 cent per message?

We simply pass on the cost of 1 cent per message, as charged by telecom providers. We do not make a profit from text messages. Our priority is to provide you with a seamless messaging experience while ensuring reliable delivery to your fans.

Does it cost me money when a fan texts me or only when I text fans?

You are only charged when you text your fans. There is no cost for fans to send you a message.

Is it 1 cent per mass text or per person?

If you send a mass text to a group of 100 people, the total charge will be $1.

What is a group?

A group is a collection of segmented fans. You have the freedom to create groups based on various criteria, including fans from California, fans attending specific shows, or even a special group for fans eligible for exclusive merchandise. The possibilities are endless, allowing you to unleash your creativity.

Can I upload existing fans numbers into my account?

Yes! You have the option to add fans manually or import them through a CSV file. To ensure compliance with opt-in regulations and protect you legally, we send an opt-in text to fans who were added manually or via CSV.