Connect with Fans: The Ultimate Texting Platform for Music Artists

Engage Fans, Share Exclusive Content, and Amplify Your Reach

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How it works

Exclusive Pre-Listen & Pre-Watch

Give your fans an exclusive pre-listen and pre-watch experience of your highly anticipated song or music video. Simply ask them to share their phone number to unlock it.

Unstoppable Fan Frenzy

After the exclusive pre-listen and pre-watch, fans will want to listen/watch again. They can unlock additional listens/views by sharing the song with a like-minded friend who joins your texting group.

Direct Reach, Maximum Impact

Forget the vanity of a million TikTok followers. Texting boasts a 98% open rate, ensuring your messages never go unnoticed. Imagine reaching 20k genuine fans directly, free from algorithmic obstacles. No need to dance for attention—just a simple text will do!



25 fans

1 group

4 blasts per month

0 cents per text message
(for first 100 texts)

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250 fans

4 groups

Unlimited Blasts

1 cent per text message



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2500+ fans

Unlimited groups

Unlimited Blasts

1 cent per text message



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What is a blast?

A blast is a mass text sent to a group of fans.

Why does it cost 1 cent per message?

We simply pass on the cost of 1 cent per message, as charged by telecom providers. We do not make a profit from text messages. Our priority is to provide you with a seamless messaging experience while ensuring reliable delivery to your fans.

Does it cost me money when a fan texts me or only when I text fans?

You are only charged when you text your fans. There is no cost for fans to send you a message.

Is it 1 cent per mass text or per person?

If you send a mass text to a group of 100 people, the total charge will be $1.

What is a group?

A group is a collection of segmented fans. You have the freedom to create groups based on various criteria, including fans from California, fans attending specific shows, or even a special group for fans eligible for exclusive merchandise. The possibilities are endless, allowing you to unleash your creativity.

What exclusive content can be limited in access until shared with friends?

Unreleased songs and unreleased music videos are currently available. We're also working on an exciting feature where fans can watch ads, allowing you to monetize your unreleased content.

Can I upload existing fans numbers into my account?

Yes! You have the option to add fans manually or import them through a CSV file. To ensure compliance with opt-in regulations and protect you legally, we send an opt-in text to fans who were added manually or via CSV.